A used saddle of which age to buy ?

Buying a used riding accessory becomes increasingly common. Indeed, the high prices practiced on the market can put off more than one to acquire a riding saddle. Nevertheless, we can find used saddles, an excellent way to acquire a quality item at an affordable price.

How to choose your used saddle?

Before choosing a fine used saddle, you need to take into account certain factors such as the age of the saddle, the material used, or the mark and provenance of the tool. About saddle’s age, the younger the saddle, the more expensive it will be; and vice versa. So first, see your budget but also the type of equestrian discipline you want to practice. The equestrian sport practiced can more or less solicit the saddle and accelerate its wear.

As for the material, the ideal is to opt for leather saddles. These accessories are more robust and more elegant than synthetic ones. In addition, they age much better. More and more craftsmen and merchants recondition the old leather saddles in order to give them a new youth and save you money.

Finally, a good saddle brand like CWD, Devoucoux, Delgrange, Hermes or Antares, is a guarantee of quality and safety too. These saddles are a boon to acquire a quality saddle at a lower cost.

What types of saddles to choose for his horse?

Leather saddles are accessories that age very well. We can therefore buy a used saddle for several years old, even a decade. However the purchase must be done with caution, in this case with the ads of private individuals that swarm on the web. Buying a saddle between private individuals allows you to negotiate a trial period of a few days for a deposit. Thus, you can test the reliability of the saddle before buying it.

On the other hand, a saddle refurbished by a high-end saddler offers more guarantees. They are generally aged no more than ten years. Which is, in my opinion, very reasonable.


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