The science of saddles with ethology

When we decide to raise some animals, we have to learn about his ethology. Especially for horses on riding education, we have to be careful of training animals to be kind one, not savage.

Do it slowly with a horse

A horse is different to a dog, the last one need some dynamic exercises and more action. To treat your horse is different, and we must learn about a horse behavior, there are so many things that we have to know. When you treat your horses, you do not have to be nervous. The basic lesson is every new material need to be acceptable with the horses. Before putting your saddle, first of all, you put it in his nose, he smells it and accepts it. He moves when he does not want this. So, you have to take time with it, or change saddles. Yes, this action choosing the best saddles is a fight, because there are so many types on the marketplace. To choose a saddle, there are some advices about the size, the design and the quality of the materials. But the mark is also important and nowadays antares saddles is the best signature.

Like your horses and care for him

So, to be acceptable on the courses, your house has to be familiars with on a group of horses and have to accomplish a fairy rider. In that way, your horse has to be in a good health, and you know that after the best equipment, you have to observe what he is eating. A horse need to graze 16 hours in a day, that’s mean that he needs a large green area. He also needs to take a both every day, and to brush his coat with his hair to be in a good health. He must be ride in a group and learns to be flexible, but not a predator one.

You have to learn more courses of training animals like horses, there are horseperson who will be able to give you some advices.