Nature is the best horse's friend

Dear horse lovers, welcome to our website. We are convinced that for the maintenance of your horse, nature is your best ally. It contains the elements necessary for them to be well. You will see on our website three categories dedicated to horse care. These topics relate to natural health, ethology, and other information given through different articles.

Take care of these natural horses

Natural methods have more positive effects for the care of animals. We offer different methods and practices to take care of your horses naturally. Whether it is for food, or for the treatment of diseases, you will find on our site processes that will help you take care of your horses. We will propose a diet for your horse following natural elements to preserve its vital energy. You will see tips for practicing herbal medicine, aromatherapy and more. Indeed, even horses can present physical and emotional problems.

Communicating with your horse

The Ethology section will be useful to help your pet with his emotional problems. Equine ethology is a practice for studying the horse's behavior with other horses, with other species and with humans. This science allows the owner to communicate better with his horses. He will know his reactions to time, competitions, and others. We present in our site some tips to allow you to be in phase with your horses. By visiting our site, you will learn everything about your horse to master ethology: its social organization, diet, and others. You will be able to adapt your management with all this knowledge. We will offer you communication methods to better train your horse. In addition, this practice can be complemented with the naturopathy of your horses.

Get informed to better guide

You will be able to consult various articles around the horses in the category blog. We regularly post information about the benefits of naturopathy. Through the site, you will be on the news about the evolution of natural care for your horses. You will also read articles on the emergence of new ethology practices around the world. You just need to adapt the maintenance of your horses with the knowledge you will have acquired during your visit to the site